At 40th, Kanjizaiji temple. "bodies"

To 40th, Kanjizaiji temple. "We are coming!"

To 39th, Enkoji temple. We will be there, before starting rain!

To 39th, Enkoji temple. We are "CYCLE Pilgrimages"!

At 38th, Kongofukuji temple. Wanna see the "Ocean View"!

At 38th, Kongofukuji temple. They visited to pray...

11th day's GOAL!At 38th, Kongofukuji temple.

At 37th, Iwamotoji temple. Good time with the chief priest.

From 36th, Shoryuji temple to 37th, Iwamotoji temple.

11th day's START!At 36th, Shoryuji temple.

10th day's GOAL!At 36th, Shoryuji temple.

At 35th, Kiyotakiji temple.

At 34th, Tanemaji temple.

At 33rd, Sekkeiji temple.